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Our Team

Terri Rossman, M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner and Executive Director

Terri, who founded Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center (PSLLC) in 1989, has more than 30 years of experience as a speech-language pathologist. She maintains an active clinical practice while continually expanding and enhancing the services offered by the multi-specialty professionals at PSLLC.

Over the years, Terri's vision for PSLLC has remained the same: To offer the most advanced, most effective therapies available anywhere. To that end, she has become one of New Jersey's most respected social learning experts, with extensive experience developing group programs as well as therapies tailored to each individual client’s social learning style.

In 2014, Terri launched the groundbreaking Social Village® @ Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center, a social community center to help children and young adults grow socially and connect with like-minded peers. Social Village was born from Terri’s concern that children with social difficulties often have no place to connect with others outside of school. The Village is a 2,300-square-foot dedicated space at PSLLC, built in the style of a teen clubhouse, where kids ages 8 to 21 can meet to socialize, relax, play games and have fun – all without the pressure of being judged or bullied. The Village’s numerous clubs, activities and special events are all run under the supervision of coaches trained in social cognition theory.

In 2008, Terri became the first clinician in New Jersey to participate in the mentoring program conducted by Michelle Garcia Winner. In 2010, she further developed her knowledge, training and expertise in the area of social cognition, by completing the weeklong internship program at the Social Thinking Clinic, in San Jose, California, where she was a student of Michelle Garcia Winner, Stephanie Madrigal and Pamela Crooke. To date, she is the only individual with that level of training in New Jersey. In addition, by attending the yearly Social Thinking Provider's Conference held in California, Terri brings back the most up-to-date information, current trends and treatment in the area of social thinking. Terri will be speaking in June 2015 at the Provider’s Conference about the Social Village. Terri has also recognized the need to bring the most up-to-date knowledge and treatment techniques in the field of executive function to PSLLC. In 2011, she worked directly with Sarah Ward, MS, CCC-SLP at Cognitive Connection: Center for Executive Function Skill Development in Concord, MA.

Seth Drucker, MSEd

Director of Social Village

Seth has a long history of working with children and teens that began in Staten Island, NY. While serving as New York City Police Officer, Seth gained a lot of experience working with teens and families in crisis. In his pursuit of making a greater difference, he joined the Big Brother program where he was able to work as a mentor to at-risk teens.

In 2004, Seth’s daughter was born with multiple disabilities. Embracing the demands of parenting a child with special needs, Seth retired early from the NYPD to care for his daughter. During this time, he became extremely knowledgeable in working with children with ADHD, ASD, and physical challenges. He has hands-on experience in ABA, and has been trained in VBA and Collaborative Problem Solving. In 2010, he completed his Master’s degree from Touro College in Elementary General and Special Education.

In 2010, Seth and his family moved to Franklin Park where he later became a paraprofessional in the Franklin Township School District. Over the next five years, Seth worked with students at high school, pre-school and elementary school levels.

Brendan Cartlidge, M.Ed

Head Leader of Social Village

Brendan has worked with kids for the past seven years. He is an energetic and inspiring teacher with a natural ability to connect with others. He understands that connecting kids with like-minded peers, and creating opportunities for real friendship, are necessary elements in helping kids grow socially.

Brendan has a kind and welcoming air which makes him easy to be around. He is genuinely interested in what others have to say, and sees the value in every individual. Brendan has an innate ability to see the world through the lens of others which gives him valuable perspective when assisting kids. Brendan has plunged head long into the worlds of Social Thinking and Executive Function and is using that knowledge for the benefit of Social Village. Brendan is fun-loving and easy going which makes kids enjoy his company as much as he enjoys theirs.

In addition to being the Head Leader of Social Village, Brendan is a devoted husband and a father to his two sons. Brendan lives in Bordentown, NJ.


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