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Our Facilities

Social Village provides a warm and welcoming environment for kids and teens to meet with like-minded peers.

We are located in a newly renovated, 2,500-square foot space directly above the Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center offices at 19 Wall Street in Princeton, NJ. (Wall Street is just off of Route 206 – near Princeton Airport, a few minutes north of downtown Princeton.)

Social Village is fully equipped for various types of activities centered on social interaction. We have:

  • Separate spaces for Junior and Senior members with the ability to bring large groups together.
  • An activity room with matted floors to engage in more physical activities.
  • Additional rooms that include the materials and technology necessary for video gaming, cinema viewing, Pokémon, Legos, Minecraft, and much more.

To enroll in Social Village or to receive more information please contact info@socialvillagenj.com or call 609-924-7080.

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