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Summer Programs for Kids in Mercer County, NJ, and PA

Social Communication Groups® and Individual® Therapy

Our cutting-edge program helps children and young adults ages 6 to 21 with social learning challenges. Students learn how to work as part of a group, think flexibly and “go with the flow”, understand how others perceive them, problem solve, develop effective communication skills, regulate emotions, understand the “hidden rules” and learn how to initiate and sustain conversation. Groups are formed based on age, skill level, and compatibility.
(Rates for this are the same as during the school year)

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Executive Function Skill Building Summer Program for High School Students *

This 2-week, 6 session group program for rising 9th to 12 graders to learn how to improve executive function skills. Our small groups enable direct coaching and practice of these skills. Learning is facilitated through hands-on, theme based projects and activities.

Students will practice:

  • Flexible Thinking
  • Brain Smarts
  • Sensing the Sweep of Time
  • Visualizing a Goal: Big Picture Thinking
  • Planning Steps to Achieve a Goal
  • Prioritizing Tasks and Time
  • Emotional Regulation
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Individual Executive Function Therapy

Based on the work of the renowned Sarah Ward and Kristen Jacobsen, executive function therapy for students from second grade through young adults strengthens their organizational skills and self-management by learning to initiate and complete tasks, breakdown projects and assignments, learn time management skills, understand the “big picture,” and think flexibly.

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Speech and Language Therapy

We offer the most effective, research-based methods to help those with disorders such as articulation, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, auditory processing, receptive language, and Selective Mutism. Expressive language therapy can focus on language organization and narrative language. Programs such as Story Grammar Marker®, Expanding Expression Tool, and the Lindamood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing® for Language Comprehension and Thinking, are some of the programs used to help students improve language skills.

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Fast ForWord® Language and Reading Programs

A research-based series of computer exercises to develop and strengthen memory and sequencing skills, attention, and auditory processing speed. These programs are designed to help students ages 7 through 21 years old.
(Cost is $1550 for 4 month plus $200 for screening and set up)

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Cogmed computer based program improves working memory. This research-based program is appropriate for kids ages 7-adult and can be completed in 5 weeks.
(Cost is $995, includes the $195 consultation fee upon enrollment)

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Social Village®

A unique and exciting social recreational center. A place for kids and young adults, to meet like-minded peers and engage in clubs and activities. Social Thinking and executive function skills are reinforced while members are having fun.

Summer hours: Friday Teen Nights 6-8:30 pm.

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Our nationally certified speech-language pathologists and educators work directly with all students.

To learn more about our summer programs or to schedule a consultation, call (609) 924-7080, email or contact us online.

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