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First Steps to Scheduling an Evaluation/Appointment

  1. Call our office at (609) 924-7080 or email us to schedule an evaluation/appointment.
  2. A front desk staff member will take general information, such as contact information and your concerns. Next, you will be mailed literature about our center and programs offered.
  3. Your information will be given to a member of our clinical staff.
  4. Our staff will follow up with you with an initial phone intake to further gather information and become more acquainted with your child and his/her needs.
  5. Following the phone intake, you may be requested to send the most pertinent educational, medical and or professional reports to our office for a thorough review of records. Following the record review, it will determined which assessment tests/materials will be required in order to obtain the most useful information during the evaluation session.
  6. After the record review has been completed, our staff will contact you to set up an appointment for an evaluation or a therapy session at our center and will discuss the cost of the individualized evaluation.
  7. After the appointment has been scheduled, you will be directed to a front desk staff member, who will take a $100.00 *non-refundable deposit over the phone to reserve your slot for an evaluation or the first therapy session. The payment will be run through on a Visa or Mastercard, and the deposit will be billed to your account. When you come in for your evaluation appointment, the remaining balance will be collected.
  8. Lastly, after you have left a *non-refundable deposit, an information package, including a confirmation letter detailing the day(s), time(s), and cost, will be sent to you via e-mail. Hard copies will be mailed out upon request.

* PSLLC requires a non-refundable deposit to reserve the time scheduled for an evaluation and/or first appointment at the center. This fee is applied to the cost of the evaluation or therapy session. If the appointment is cancelled for any reason, the deposit is non- refundable. If you make an appointment that needs to be rescheduled, we require 48 hours notice in order to avoid the forfeiting the cost of the deposit.

Let’s discuss how we can help. Schedule an appointment today. Call (609) 924-7080, email or contact us online.

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