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Dr. Martha Burns Talks Neuroscience. In this series of short clips, Neuroscientist and Speech Pathologist Dr Martha burns discusses advances in our knowledge of how the brain learns.
1. Dr. Martha Burns - How our understanding
of the brain has changed over the last 15 years.
2. Dr. Martha Burns - Can ear infections or glue ear impact early learning development?
3. Dr. Martha Burns explains auditory processing disorder and how it impacts learning. 4. Dr. Martha Burns explains the reasons and arguments behind the increase in autism diagnosis.
5. Dr. Martha Burns, Speech Pathologist and Neuroscientist, shares her top 3 tips for parents to optimise learning and language development. 6. Dr. Martha Burns explains possible reasons why more and more children are being diagnosed with attention problems such as ADD and ADHD.
7. Dr. Martha Burns discusses whether ADHD can be "cured" and which behavioural interventions are most effective for improving attention. 8. Dr. Martha Burns discusses the reasons why a parent may or may not decide to medicate their child with ADHD.
9. Dr. Martha Burns discusses how medication (including caffeine!) affects our brain chemistry. 10. Dr. Martha Burns discusses the common difficulties faced by individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's syndrome and how the Fast ForWord® cognitive development program addresses and works to improve these.


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