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All stories are characterized by a consistent organizational framework called a story grammar. Merritt and Liles (1987) relate that a story consists of "a protagonist and setting information designed to evoke a potential conflict that would require a goal-based sequence of events." These criteria make up the "grammar" or organizational framework of a story. The act of storytelling is called a narrative and is an important way to transition between the spoken and written word.

Developers of the Story Grammar Marker® program report that "as much as 90% of what is read by elementary school children is narrative in form." This, as well as the fact that we use storytelling in our everyday conversations, makes the ability to efficiently understand and use narrative structure a cornerstone of academic success.

Research indicates that efficient readers automatically use the "story grammar" organizational framework to process and comprehend what they read and to retell stories. Some children do not naturally use "story grammar," and as a result, tell shorter, less complete, and less organized stories, comprehend and remember less, and make fewer inferences about stories.

Thus, the goal of the Story Grammar Marker® program is to help children learn this organizational framework in order to help them understand and process what they say, hear, read, or write. The program uses a series of colorful, fun manipulatives and a set of five core books in which to master the organizational framework. After mastery of these five core books, the skills learned in the program can be easily implemented in other books and into conversational storytelling.


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