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The Listening Program® (TLP) is a gentle and effective method of listening training using music-based sound stimulation, designed to enhance and develop listening skills and other abilities.

Psychoacoustically Refined

The Listening Program® is comprised of psychoacoustically refined soundtracks. Specially selected, re-arranged, re-recorded classical music (featuring Mozart) and nature sounds have been processed in post-production with sophisticated sonic technologies. The Listening Program® respectfully builds on the theories and clinical research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, and other sound pioneers. Developed by an interdisciplinary team of educational, therapeutic, medical, music and sound professionals, The Listening Program® helps to train the ear and brain to perceive a full spectrum of sound without distortion. The Listening Program® exercises the middle ear muscles and provides valuable training and stimulation on through the inner ear, auditory pathways and onto the brain. The goal is to develop a flexible and balanced auditory system.

Program Activity

The program entails 1 to 2 fifteen-minute listening sessions a day, five days per week. The average program length is eight weeks with many people finding it advantageous to repeat the program once or several times to keep their auditory system in peak condition. Listening is done through a pair of high-quality headphones and a CD Player.

TLP Architecture

The Listening Program® is a comprehensive system, which contains eight (60-minute) compact discs and an easy to read 112-page guidebook. Informative background information, detailed listening schedules, program support information, and a listening journal are included. Created to facilitate individualized application, TLP's modular design lends itself to easy modification for specific purposes. Additional CDs called TLP Extensions are also available which allow for further individualization of listening programs.

Listening To Your Fullest Potential

Many of us, children and adults alike, are not listening to our fullest potential. In fact, many people experience "listening disabilities" and do not realize it. These weaknesses or problems in processing sound can adversely affect us in many ways including: communication skills, learning abilities, attention and behavior, energy levels, coordination, relaxation, brain function, and sensory integration. Improving or enhancing our ability to process sound can produce specific benefits. People of all ages can be trained to process sound more effectively to overcome weaknesses or further develop listening-related abilities.

Improve Attention Span and Concentration

Listening to great music is enlivening and inspiring-emotionally, mentally, and physically. But The Listening Program® takes the benefits of great music much further. Its specially treated classical music and nature sounds can actually improve our ability to process a balanced full range of sound frequencies. This has far-reaching benefits. Often, subtle improvements in auditory processing enable children and adults to improve their attention span and concentration. Perhaps this is why some children begin to move ahead much more easily in reading, spelling, and handwriting. Greater steadiness and focus also helps to build better motor control and speech, with that, improved self-esteem and motivation. For some children and adults the neurological input provided by The Listening Program® is the jump-start they need to make a major change and come alive in many dynamic ways.

Exercising Muscles in the Ear

Listening to the CDs in The Listening Program® literally exercises and tones tiny muscles in the middle ear called the Tensor Tympani and Stapedius muscles. These help build stronger multi-sensory pathways in the brain. The brain receives especially rich auditory stimulation thereby improving its ability to process sound. The Listening Program® was designed by a cross-disciplinary team of experts to help balance and restore our ability to listen to and process sounds across the full auditory spectrum, from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This can result in striking improvements across the human continuum, from academic performance to emotional balance.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis

Over forty years ago, a French ear surgeon, Dr. Alfred Tomatis, made a series of groundbreaking discoveries about the role of the ear and hearing in brain development and organization. We now know that, before birth, the human brain's first sensory experiences are the rich sounds inside the womb. Tomatis showed that our auditory nerve is fundamental to human neurology; it helps to regulate not only balance and spatial orientation, but even vision and our tactile senses. He also discovered that sound is a "nutrient" that can stimulate and feed the brain. One of his greatest innovations was to find new ways to stimulate the ear and brain that can improve learning and behavior.

The Listening Program® may help with:

  • Attentional Problems
  • Learning Problems
  • Central Auditory processing difficulties
  • Difficulty retaining information
  • Sound Sensitivities
  • Energy level and confidence
  • The Future and The Listening Program®

Decades of clinical experience combined with the evolution of new technology have made important new advances possible. An unprecedented cross-disciplinary team (including professionals in neurology, psychiatry, neurodevelopment, education, speech pathology, psychoacoustics, music, and sound engineering) came together to conceive and design the next generation of auditory stimulation technology. What emerged is The Listening Program®. After months of design, it was thoroughly tested, and its success was confirmed. Then it was further refined and perfected. It contains an unprecedented combination of the most powerful new advances in the art and science of auditory re-education.

Advanced Auditory Stimulation

The principles behind The Listening Program® are scientific. Its protocols were fine-tuned by qualified professionals. Its effectiveness was confirmed by the field tests that were a part of the development process. The music on the CDs in The Listening Program® was specially performed by the world-class musicians of The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, and recorded (to exact specifications) for this specific purpose. Nevertheless, the program is affordable for most families, and The Listening Program® can be used at home, in the school, clinic or business under a trained professional's direction. It puts the profound benefits of advanced auditory stimulation within the reach of countless people who could never have benefited from it before.

Areas of Reported Improvement:

  • Attention span & focus
  • Speech & motor control
  • Auditory perception & sensitivity
  • Musical & vocal expression
  • Self-esteem, mood & motivation
  • Social interaction
  • Understanding spoken language
  • Reading, spelling & handwriting
  • Physical balance and coordination

The Listening Program® in the News

Music Listening Therapy Program Helping To Improve Stress Levels In Adults, Kids

CBS NEWS (KDKA Pittsburgh)
January 27, 2015

Music can make you cry, laugh, feel excited or angry. It’s a powerful medium that can be used as a tool if we know how to use it. Experts say music can improve our mood and even change behavior.

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