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Speech, Language, Social and Cognitive Therapy for Adults

It’s not unusual to experience speech, language, hearing and memory problems as we age. These issues can be the result of stroke, traumatic brain injuries or neurological conditions. More commonly, however, listening and memory difficulties are simply the result of the natural aging process. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you or someone you know may benefit from PSLLC’s services.

Do you or does someone you know:

  • Have trouble understanding speech in a noisy place?
  • Have trouble understanding someone who speaks quickly?
  • Miss certain words during a conversation?
  • Have trouble coming up with the right words at the right time?
  • Have trouble remembering names and dates or concentrating?
  • Have trouble expressing opinions or seem confused?
  • Have trouble with voice quality (hoarseness, loudness, etc.)?

Speech, Voice & Language Therapy for Adults

PSLLC offers speech and language therapy services to help adults who have trouble speaking, understanding, remembering, or hearing. For adults who are having difficulties with their voice quality, our expert staff is available for individual therapy sessions. In addition, PSLLC also offers cutting-edge Social Thinking and related social skills therapy to help adults who struggle to fit in socially or have trouble getting along with others.

Brain Fitness & Cognitive Programs

At PSLLC, we understand that the right kinds of mental exercise can limit or even reverse the loss of communication, memory, and cognitive skills as we age. We offer a number of computer- and compact disc-based programs that can help you improve your mental edge. The Brain Fitness and Insight programs are easy-to-use listening and visual exercises performed on a computer, which can help you achieve quicker thinking, sharper memory, faster processing, better focus, and visual skills. 

Hearing Loss Therapy

For adults with hearing loss, we offer LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement), a computerized, interactive software program that helps improve ear-to-brain muscle memory, resulting in better listening skills. You can complete many our software programs on your home computer or work directly with one of the trained professionals at our center. No prior computer experience is necessary!

If you have concerns about the communication challenges facing you or someone you know, please complete this form, call us at (609) 924-7080, or email to set up a consultation in our office. When indicated, we will conduct an individualized evaluation or screening to determine the most appropriate therapy and recommendations.

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