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Summer Program for Executive Function Skills

For High Schoolers

Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center’s Summer Executive Function Program is an exciting opportunity for high school students to learn how to improve Executive Function Skills. Our small groups enable direct coaching and practice of these skills. Learning is facilitated through hands-on, theme based, dynamic experiences, projects and activities.


Summer Program 2018

July 17 & 24 | 10:30a-12:30p

July 18 & 25 | 10:30a-12:30p

July 19 & 26 | 10:30a-12:30p

Using a variety of activities, students will practice:

  • Visualizing a Goal: Big Picture Thinking
  • Planning the steps to achieve a goal
  • Sensing the Sweep of Time
  • Prioritizing Tasks and Time
  • Breaking Projects into Manageable Parts
  • Positive Self-Talk: Using positive thought processes to guide and evaluate progress
  • Final Review: Evaluating the end product

Led by Brigette Herrmann, LDTC, this 2-week, 6-session program will use creative project –based learning and activities to build the executive functioning skills necessary to plan, implement, and complete tasks. With our specially trained executive function teachers, your child will learn valuable skills to facilitate success in the classroom, at home and in the community.

This summer program is ideal for students in high school who are bright but need to learn the executive skills for success.

This program is best suited for students who struggle with executive functioning challenges, ADHD , Asperger’s or learning disabilities. To be sure that we can meet your child's needs we require that each student have a 30 minute screening before enrollment.

Who Will Benefit

  • Those with executive functioning issues or may have a diagnosis of Aspergers, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, ADHD
  • High School students
  • Clients who do not require a 1:1 aide


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