Executive Function Groups

Purposeful Play Groups

Social Thinking®


It can be difficult for some children and adolescents to understand the complex social world around us. Students can struggle in school and at home if they do not appropriately interact and communicate with others.

Our group programs help children build more than “social skills.” Based on the work of world-renowned experts including Michelle Garcia Winner, we teach skills such as interpreting and responding to the nuances of verbal and non-verbal communication so students can more easily “fit in” and establish and maintain friendships.

This unique curriculum is adapted for preschool age children in our Purposeful Play programs, and it increases in complexity across the school years. All groups match students of similar ages and abilities. The groups are geared for students with average to above average cognition who understand “perspective taking” – the idea that other people have thoughts separate from our own.

Carrying Concepts into Real Life

At the end of each hour-long, weekly session, parents and caregivers gather while the therapist reviews the group’s lesson. This vital aspect of our program helps parents carry over concepts and lessons outside the therapy setting.

We believe that children have better results when their adult role models act as communication and play partners.





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